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At Cornerstone we help clients solve their problems and drive their businesses forward by providing them with top talent for their professional jobs. We connect people. And frankly, we love doing that and it shows!

Whether a Client or a Candidate, the most common response to working with a Cornerstone Recruiter is, “Wow. I have never had any recruiter do this for me. You guys are awesome.” For us, we strive to “Wow” you and we know that the secret to our success lies in leaving both clients and candidates truly amazed at the service they’ve received and the passion driving that service.

The nuts and bolts of our business are pretty simple. We often joke that we do not build rockets. We hire people that do, but fortunately for everyone, we at Cornerstone stick to the simple stuff. We recruit the best and brightest for America’s top employers. And we’re real proud of that.

But enough about us. How can we help YOU today?

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Top Networking Tips from a Jedi Master

Ok, so maybe I’m not a REAL Jedi Master, but I still think that 16 years into this career I’ve probably got a thing or two that I’ve learned that can help those of you who LOATHE networking time… ☺Let’s face it, in a business setting, who among us would really, truly just love nothing […]

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Interview Advice for Women: Appearance Matters

  “You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset.”  – Tom Hopkins  Many male dominated fields have real challenges for women, and so it’s all the more important to know your industry as you are preparing for the Big Interview.  Here are a 4 important […]

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Job Interview Preparation: What Hiring Managers Look for When They Interview

KEY CONCEPTS: Please be prepared to address these characteristics with the Hiring Manager you will interview with- think of examples from your professional demeanor and work. • Non-verbal/ people skills  – Hiring authorities evaluate more than resumes, they often gauge how well you interact with other office staff, your body language, etc. DO not fidget or […]

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Cornerstone Recruitment Team has recruiting skills that are simply second to none. We have enlisted their help on numerous tough searches and are always blown away at the results they give us and the amazing service. It’s easy to see why their firm is growing!- Anna, Director of Human Resources, Michigan

The Cornerstone Recruitment Group team is very professional but also enthusiastic and friendly. They truly understand our needs and have consistently found us world-class hires. They always seem to know who will “fit” at our location. We consider them true business partners.- Alan, Plant Manager, Mississippi

Cornerstone Recruitment Group has provided us excellent hires at our manufacturing locations across North America. We recently hired an outstanding IT Manager from them and it just proved to us how much having the right introduction made a big difference for our business.- Rebecca, President, Alabama

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