A Call to Authenticity

I have a confession to make. Seriously people, I do. I have come to the point in my professional career and personal life where I cannot accept shallow any longer. I can’t, I’m done, put a fork in me, it’s over. If approached by a Schmarmy salesperson that just wants to waste time talking to a woman while they sip their drink and scan the room for a more interesting (or attractive) target… Well, I just have to tell you, my patience has evaporated with small talk. I don’t care if a total stranger wants to discuss the most arcane subject, if it’s a genuine conversation with a sincere person – count me in. You can somewhat sense the difference when a person speaks, it’s magical, when they are actually being real with you. They listen and speak as if they genuinely care about you as a person and not just you as a means to make a sale. They are honoring you with their undivided attention and earnest conversation. Funny thing is, most people today are bilingual, they speak English with their friends and family – but a not so unique dialect of corporate on the job. Why not allow yourself and your personality to shine through? Being confident allows you to be absolutely and completely professional and yet absolutely authentic and at ease in yourself as well. You can spot a person like this a mile away. It’s easy! They are smiling and their eyes light up, the person they are talking with is the focus of all their attention and that person is wholly engaged and enjoying the conversation – it’s written all over both faces! Authentic people are magnetic, charismatic and have no problem connecting with other great people. The opposite is also true – just observe a networking night at any business event and it doesn’t take advanced observation skills to pick out the fake smiles, bored listeners (some of whom are discreetly trying to signal “help, rescue me, interrupt him when he takes a breath”), room scanners and professional schmoozers. So be different, be yourself, don’t phone it in… If you rise to the challenge of being fully authentic and fully engaged you will be amazed at how you connect with people and how those relationships develop.

Lauren Goodson, Founder and President of Cornerstone Recruitment Group and Career Expert Academy http://careerexpertacademy.com  is a nationally renowned expert in Job Search Strategies, Career Coaching and Hiring for the Professional audience. She has helped thousands of job seekers to achieve their potential and grow their career.  Through CareerExpertAcademy.com ,  Lauren has redefined professional job search training by establishing an all-in-one resource for extensive and exceptional expert information.  Be sure to visit http://careerexpertacademy.com for more info.

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