Career Networking: Friends in Low Places

Friends in low places…

So Garth Brooks may be famous for having friends in “low places” but I think there’s something very special about the rest of us making friends, wherever we find them, low places or not.

In Europe for a business meeting today, sitting in the hotel lobby waiting, I just couldn’t help but smile thinking about how interesting it is to see paths cross and friendships being born… let me explain- our hotel receptionist/ cook/ translator/ bathroom cleaner & everything else person is a Bosnian girl named, “Anita”. Working hard all the time, moving quickly to help the guests, she is a one-girl show of good spirits and customer service attitude. Oh to be so lucky as to always be given such great service with a smile! It doesn’t seem to matter what the task is, glamorous or mundane, Anita honestly seems to do her work with the best attitude. She’s a pleasure to be around.

Over the past few days we’ve worked into the early morning hours (thank you, Jetlag!) stay and have made friends with Anita and the Innkeeper and the other guests at this little hotel. They surprised us at midnight with crisp local apple juice- delicious and refreshing! Then the next night, at almost 1am, they brought up a platter of snacks- completely unexpected by us and so, so nice! Making friends in places like this has got to be one of my favorite things in this world, the reason I love languages so much, and the reason I enjoy my work so much—when you get to know people, you hear their story and the world seems altogether different. Anita is smart, funny and so sincerely nice. She’s the type of person you wish you could hire for your own team, or help out in some way.

I guess it’s a neat thing about life, in the business world–especially for career networking purposes–it’s often emphasized to make friends with people in high places, but if you’re just a genuinely nice person you can have a richer life for simply making friends in lots of places.


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