Comparing Jobs: Choosing Between Two Job Offers

It’s been a crazy-busy season here at Cornerstone Recruitment Group and I’ve missed talking with you.  It’s been great to connect with you all via Linkedin and Twitter.  I appreciate all the kind words you’ve sent on your emails! Glad the material I share is such a good resource for you!

Now, it’s all over the news lately about how jobs are growing and employers are hiring like crazy. What this means is that job seekers can be faced with not one glorious job opportunity in hand after their hunt- but TWO. If this is you, now is the time to listen up. Recently the Harvard Business Review did a good piece on how picking the right job has a lot to do with picking the right culture- and they are spot on. I agree that the salary and benefits matter greatly- of course they do- but it’s terribly short sighted to rely- and to make your decision- with those factors being the chief deciding ones. I’d be willing to bet that the decision made on those shallow factors is one you’ll look back on and always wonder about, and likely regret.

If however, you analyze the opportunities with the big picture in mind and keep your mind clear of distracting factors that can muddy the water- you will be in great shape to make your decision on which offer to accept with excitement and not worry that you’re making the right decision on such an important matter!

When comparing jobs, you owe it to yourself to proceed carefully here, so ask the questions, evaluate and assess, and consider carefully which opportunity is best for your present situation but also your FUTURE. Don’t be flattered and dizzied by the offers, great offers come to great candidates. Expect no less and then live up to your potential.

Remember, you’re not racing against your competition, you’re racing against your own best time!

Lauren Goodson, Founder and President of Cornerstone Recruitment Group and Career Expert Academy  is a nationally renowned expert in Job Search Strategies, Career Coaching and Hiring for the Professional audience. She has helped thousands of job seekers to achieve their potential and grow their career.  Through ,  Lauren has redefined professional job search training by establishing an all-in-one resource for extensive and exceptional expert information.  Be sure to visit for more info.


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