We thrive at the intersection of Talent Strategy and Business Strategy.

Today our solutions encompass Executive Search, Technical and Professional Placement for organizations around the globe.  We are agile innovators and Talent attraction is our calling.

Our reputation has been established as trusted partners for clients seeking uniquely experienced high caliber leadership. 

Recruitment Expertise

Our search units work as a team.

We position our search consultants with precise industry expertise and network connections to best support each unique assignment. At CRG we rely on our robust professional networks, industry knowledge and proprietary research resources to pinpoint the best talent in the marketplace for our client’s specifications.

World-Class Candidates

We endorse a compelling short-list of candidates.

At CRG we understand the vital importance of beginning our process with a robust candidate pool.  We gauge candidates key competencies and career experience, organizational fit, and professional assessment tools.  Throughout the interviewing process our consultants assemble feedback and maintain close candidate contact to offer insight and advice to our clients as they evaluate a candidate’s fit and long term value.

Exclusive CRG Process

CRG has developed custom and proprietary tools which we deploy throughout the vetting process.

CRG employs evaluation methods including behavioral based interviewing, leadership assessment, our proprietary company culture fit appraisal, and professional references~ all tools by which we assess appropriate leadership for our customer’s long-term success.

Proven Success.  Proven Partners.


  1. I’m a retired Project Engineer, Engineering Manager, Construction Manager, Jack of all Trades, My past CEO asked me once what I could not do, my comment was :”Sir, I have not found it yet , if I put my mind to do something I do not plan on failing.” with30 years of experience from Clemson , The School of Hard Knocks< The School of "I did what?" That is slightly disabled; Left hand does not work well, but I have managed to play golf an I enjoy mountain trout fishing. I'm interested in the position that I received I will complete a resume and submit it quickly. This job interest me tremendously . I'm excited about applying. I truly hope to meet this group in the near future. You are tight – Perfection only exists as a mindset. But EXCELLENCE IS ACHIEVABLE.

  2. Hello Michelle,

    So good to hear from you! I will stop by your booth at MISHRM to learn more about your agency. I have a couple of open positions right now so will be eager to learn more about Cornerstone.

    Thank you,

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