Farewell Stephen Covey: Lessons from a Legend of our Lifetime

Recently on the homepage of Yahoo.com, I noticed a small article that said that Stephen Covey died, at the age of 79, in a biking accident in Utah. I immediately clicked on the link and read with great dismay to hear of how this great man, great leader and visionary, had succumbed to his injuries sustained after biking down a steep hill, losing control of the bike, and hitting his head. Even though he was wearing a helmet, Stephen’s injuries proved too much and he passed on Monday July 16,2012.

What was really sad was that his passing made such a small ripple in the world news. This was a man whose work helped set the foundation of modern business writing and public speaking. His death had to compete for space with riveting articles about the latest Bachelor episode and drivel like that. What in the world does it say about us that we hardly notice a great man’s passing?

I think that Stephen Covey lived with vision and purpose and heck, sounds like he was enjoying the fullness of life with the breeze in his face and adrenaline soaring right until the end. I admire that. Even now it seems like time is flying and the drumbeat in my heart reminds me constantly that we are not here forever…whatever it is that you want to do, do it now. Whatever it is that you feel called to do, do it now. Don’t wait, do it now.

Stephen Covey lived so richly and accomplished so much that his achievements make my small efforts look very pale in comparison. But his life reminds me and encourages me that blazing a trail creates a legacy that reaches farther and wider than we can see in the moment. Helping people is worthwhile. Writing something that helps people, teaching something that helps people, it’s the effort that keeps on giving after we are gone.

Good for you, Stephen. You ran a great race and set the bar high. I won’t forget you.

Lauren Goodson, Founder and President of Cornerstone Recruitment Group and Career Expert Academy http://careerexpertacademy.com  is a nationally renowned expert in Job Search Strategies, Career Coaching and Hiring for the Professional audience. She has helped thousands of job seekers to achieve their potential and grow their career.  Through CareerExpertAcademy.com ,  Lauren has redefined professional job search training by establishing an all-in-one resource for extensive and exceptional expert information.  Be sure to visit http://careerexpertacademy.com for more info.


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