Acing the Final Interviews: Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

Keep in mind that your final interview may include meeting new co-workers, and may last for several hours.

Dress to impress and make sure your personal grooming is at an all time high. It sounds obvious, but clothes, jewelry, hair/nails, makeup, etc. all matter. Whether they will admit it or not, most people tend to gravitate more towards clean, well-groomed candidates that clearly put a lot of effort into their personal presentation. Good genes are handy, but while clearly not everyone has movie-star good looks~ We all can strive to present our personal best appearance, and that effort is certainly worthwhile and noticeable in the final interview.

Interestingly, the simplest touches like a well pressed clothing, excellent posture, and a genuine smile with a nice handshake go a very long way in making a terrific impression. Absolutely age-old rules but still effective in today’s modern interviewing environment.

Once you’ve nailed down how you will dress and present yourself for your big Final Interview, you will want to prepare for those you will likely meet during the Final Interview: your colleagues, the top leadership, and possibly your subordinate team. Final Interviews often offer excellent insight into the team’s dynamic and the personalities that comprise the organization. At the beginning of the meeting the focus is on assessing you and making sure that you’re the “one”. Towards the end, the client tends to show their hand so to speak; they tend to reveal that they will be preparing an offer for you. At that point they say things like, “we would want you to” or “when you” or “as the such-and-such, you’ll”… consider these affirmations as very positive, but don’t make a big deal of the comments. Just go with the flow and answer the statements with what you will do. Both sides are “assuming the YES”. That means that you are both assuming that an acceptable offer will be made and accepted. It’s a great moment when that magical transition occurs. You go from being an outsider who is assessed, to a part of the family that’s privy to helping solve problems and guide the ship. You’re now part of the solution! (It’s key not to do the boogie-dance at this point, though you will want to. Keep it in check until after you pull out of the parking lot!

Meeting the your future bosses, colleagues, support team and co-workers is a really big deal that is an opportunity not to be overlooked or underestimated! First impressions are HUGE, and you don’t want to blow this! Take time, regardless of how rushed you are with keeping up with whomever is giving you the tour, and be genuine with each and every person you meet. One second of eye contact and genuine smile is absolutely priceless. You simply have no way of knowing which of these individuals will be your best ally and asset and friend in the future. Treat each with respect and be authentic, you’ll clearly stand out if you do!

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