How to Get the Job you Want

oose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.   –-Confucius

Step 1: Define your strong suits

Do a skills inventory and identify your top strengths. If you draw a blank and cannot really put your finger on your top strengths- ask a friend, former co-worker, mentor or former boss. People around you in the workplace will immediately be able to help identify the areas where you shine professionally. To get the job you want, you first must know what you want and which of your strengths will best serve you.

Step 2: Refine your list

Once you have identified the areas that you are gifted in, and you have written your list out- really take some quiet time to think through each item. We all have areas where we have learned skills and developed strengths. Of those areas, which do you actually enjoy? Circle those.

Step 3: Research!

From the short list of your strong suits, that you enjoy, now it’s time to tap into the power of the Internet to do some research. No software on earth can really make a perfect match you with your perfect job- but there are technologies out there that can help you get close! Research and expand the career choice options you’re considering… Here are a few links to get you started:

Step 4: Fill in the gaps

Sometimes the research and soul-searching lead to an unsettling conclusion… you need more skills in order to achieve your true potential! In that case, connect the dots and make it happen. Online education, trade schools, community colleges and Universities are all resources you can tap into to gather the skills you need to bolster your capabilities and expertise. Education has never been more readily available so take advantage of the learning opportunities now~ so that you can reap the rewards for years to come!

Step 5: Make a plan and Make the jump!

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is the rule here. You would be ill-advised to transition to a new job without careful thought, investigation/research and planning. (Read my post on this HERE)  BUT, once you are confident that you know what job you WANT to do, and you’ve done what it takes to be EQUIPPED for success~ it’s time to just DO it!

For additional information, (if you want to take your success rate to a new level,) take a few moments and read some of my recent posts from the past several months.  Although several are directed towards employers, understanding their methods and strategies  from their perspective during the interview/hiring process will give you the much deserved edge over other candidates.

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