Interview Advice for Women: Appearance Matters



“You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training,

grooming and encouraging your greatest asset.”  – Tom Hopkins

 Many male dominated fields have real challenges for women, and so it’s all the more important to know your industry as you are preparing for the Big Interview.  Here are a 4 important tips:

 1)   Watch my video on conveying confidence.  Confidence should never be mistaken for Arrogance (which is has the opposite effect, it’s a huge negative for employers and a turn-off to people in general)  When you project confidence people recognize that you are highly proficient in your subject matter and yet appealing as a person they’d like to be friends with too.

2)   Dress so that your voice can be heard.  Different regions of the world have greatly varying standards for modesty and appropriate business attire.  Be mindful of the message you are sending.  If you are interviewing for a Fashion Magazine or an Uber-trendy retail company, dress accordingly.  However for most of the people that are in the Professional Business environment- offices, manufacturing sites, healthcare, IT, etc. it is more appropriate to dress conservatively in business professional clothing (like a suit).  The most important thing for women is not to wear distracting accessories, materials, or to have cleavage baring tops or mini-skirts that draw the focus away from your expertise and abilities.  If you’re lucky enough to be a beautiful woman, the last thing you want is to be valued only as eye-candy.  Frankly, that’s insulting and you’re worth so much more.  Keep your focus on the job you can do, the skills and experience you bring to the table and how your unique gifts can help achieve their goals.

3)    Wear appropriate shoes.  Again, the key is not to be distracting.  Fashion is fine, and gosh knows I enjoy it as much as anyone- but there is a time and place for 3 inch stilletos.  A plant tour is not that time, or place.  First of all, they don’t comply with safety regulations and secondly you might break your neck trying to cross the grated walkways.

4)   Invest in a good tailor.  A tailored suit is pretty expensive for most of us, but an off-the-rack suit with a little tailoring to custom-fit it to your shape can make a world of difference.  Trust me on this, it’s worth the small price of the alterations to have the proper fit.

5)   Stand tall.  Your height doesn’t matter.  Short or tall, fluffy or lean, what matters is how you carry yourself.  If you walk and stand with your head up, a genuine smile, and great posture, you’ll not only be doing your back and spine a huge favor- you’ll be projecting the very best YOU and that is incredibly appealing.

Remember:  Your value is not in how you look, but looking your best does make a big difference in how you feel and how you present yourself to others.  When you dress sharp, you know it and you have a little extra something that makes you proud of yourself.

Interviewing is all about putting your best foot forward and making a great impression.  You simply want to put forth your personal best and when you do, you will certainly be rewarded with a great meeting.

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