Job Interview Preparation: How to Ace the Final Interview (Part II)

If you haven’t read Part I, begin here  before reading further.

After you’ve done the interview prep work, review your outline and think about it in the context of how your points could be further refined to illustrate your stand-out qualities as compared to a similar candidate. Everyone in the world has someone they compete with that is similarly talented. In order to beat your competition, you need to study them. If you don’t personally know your competition, just imagine what they might bring to the table. Your interview will be stronger for having prepared imagining competition as opposed to just making the argument that you are a great candidate. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be invited to the final interview if the hiring team didn’t agree you are a great candidate. To win this job though, you have to be the BEST candidate, and that is a big difference. So differentiate yourself! Out-think, and out-prepare the other candidate!

The final step in preparing for the final interview is to think about how to just blend your incredible preparedness with a breath of fresh air… it’s the art of being prepared, but being yourself…being very authentic. Sometimes we can get so psyched up for the “big game” that we work ourselves into being too nervous. Nervous isn’t appealing. Confident is appealing. Know yourself well enough to work right up to the edge and stay in your preparedness sweet spot.

Depending on the type of job you’re going for, I would also suggest a little out-of-the-box thinking. If you are interviewing for a marketing job, well, bring along some work samples. That’s pretty standard. But if you are interviewing for a job in operations, let’s say in a lean manufacturing facility- why not compile a 10 slide presentation including pictures, graphs, and interesting text? I’m begging you not to bore your interviewers here folks, if you put together a slide show, please run it by a friend that will be objective (or better yet, your recruiter). You want to interest them and WOW them not leave them faking interest.

In your job interview preparation, if you prepare as I’ve directed you’ll be a hard candidate to out-shine!

I can’t wait to hear the great stories of your success…

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