Job Search Tips: The Grass is always greener… Or is it?

Often times when we recruiters connect with candidates one of the first questions we ask sounds something like this, “So tell me a little about why you are looking to make a change from your current employer?” Now the reality is, there can be a thousand really reasonable answers why a person can make the mind/heart decision to put their resume out there for consideration. And over the course of our experience, most of the reasons have come up over and over again and are pretty reasonable. A person could be in a facility where new ownership has come in and stability of continued employment is seriously questioned. Or a person could have a new boss that is bringing in his or her own team of people and trying to run off the existing group. Who knows, there are literally tons of reasons that a person could legitimately have for making a change- but surely at the top of my all-time least favorite reasons is the “Well, you know, I just always like to keep an eye out” or similarly phrased, “yeah, I just like to keep my options open and keep my resume floating around…” Folks, this is the WORST logic. How would it sound if a married friend of yours said that she felt it was okay to flirt and act single just to “keep her options open”? That sort of decision making doesn’t really resonate well with employers. Why would we want to be the next stepping stone on your way? Sounds a lot like a job-hopper to me. What would be different if I introduced you to my best and most loyal client? How would that conversation go? “ahem, Mr. Client, really appreciate you trusting me with your business and paying my firm a fee for our expertise. Yes, well, I have scoured the market and found a guy that is available and has the skill set you are looking for. Oh yes he is VERY interested in you all. Why? Oh, well, he has no particular reason for leaving his present employer, he just likes to “keep his options open”. Do I think he would work loyally and really focus on company objectives….well, I guesss… Until the next recruiter sees his resume online, because you see Mr. Client, this guy just likes to keep one “floating” out there…

Can you see how this conversation would go downhill fast?

One of the best key job search tips is that in today’s market Mr. Client has some serious choices of strong candidates for his open positions. He is paying our firm to find the single BEST choice out of the marketplace and to bring this person to his personal attention with our professional recommendation and experienced assessment. As a candidate you would be well served to really slow down and THINK through your logic and motivations in making a career transition. I bet at the heart of it all you honestly do have legitimate reasons, but you must be prepared to verbalize them concisely and sincerely. You’ll get a much better response for that investment.

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