Staffing Solutions: A Lesson in Preparation

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.  – Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) 

One of the odd consolations in business and in life is sometimes the ironic thought that your competition screws up too! Simply put, we’re all human. As much as we try, to our chagrin, sometimes things just go awry… and if you’re like me, they tend to go sideways at the most unfortunate times!

This can be a bit of a consolation to job seekers and their employment opportunities as well as those of us in the employment business. “How so?” you ask?

Read on…

Recently I received a call from one of my Senior Staff recruiters, Anne, distraught because a particularly difficult recruitment project for a top client seemed to be falling apart at the last minute. After weeks of work it appeared that out of nowhere our competitor had stumbled across an extraordinary candidate- a person who had recently been working for our client’s chief competitor and who looked “perfect” on paper. All of Anne’s hard work for this client would be for nothing. In our field, coming in 2nd equals going home with nothing to show for it.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve noticed that interestingly the most “perfect” person doesn’t necessarily always get the job. Because interview processes are relational, it’s often been interesting to note that the person who has the technical skills AND who can interview well actually is the one that ultimately is selected.

A person who has more education and more qualifications but who doesn’t convey them well or who cannot build rapport and communicate smoothly… that’s a person that often has a tough time in their job search.

For Anne, my encouragement was simple. Prepare your candidate to interview to the best of their ability and then rest in the confidence that our customer will make the right choice for their needs. I will bet on an extremely prepared and very talented person over the “perfect” candidate on paper- every time.

As it turns out, the “perfect” candidate had a great career background but a real problem with arrogance in person. They left a lot lacking in the in person meeting. Anne’s candidate was also extended an interview invitation and fortunately heeded her advice and prepared with all their ability! They brought in a snazzy portfolio to demonstrate their technical ability, and completely aced the interview. True story. Anne’s candidate got the job.

Take away points: 

Never lose sight of the importance of preparation. Out prepare your competition.

• A little creativity and planning go a long way when you’re competing for a great job. Out think your competition.

• Interviewers are people too. Your staffing solutions process should hinge on this practice.  Don’t neglect to connect with them as people. These are the ones you’ll be working alongside one day and they want to see who you really are. Aim to “wow” them!

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